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Way Back In The Day is a Collection album released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Stoned . It was released in 1999 by Ampersand Records as a CD.


  1. Fantasy Trip [1:58]
  2. Coolade [2:05]
  3. Loony Bin [1:49]
  4. Romeo and Juliet [2:27]
  5. Gonzo [2:03]
  6. Buckaroonies [1:27]
  7. Ska Song [2:06]
  8. Mellow Man [2:43]
  9. Runaway [1:58]
  10. Everything [1:39]
  11. Partysong [3:00]
  12. Supermarket Girlfriend [2:27]
  13. Forever Young [2:42]
  14. Touch Too Much[3:18]

Total Running time: 31:35

All songs written by Stoned

Tracks:1,3,6,7,9 were taken from the EP Fantasy Trip

Tracks:2,4,5,8,10.11 were taken from the EP Partysongs

Track:12 is taken from the Single Pizza Pete

Track :13,14 were taken from the Single Shopping Around

This is a Collection of all their Ep's and Single's until 2000.However,the Demo Version of Supermarket Girlfriend is on the Collection but the other two Pizza Pete tracks Control and No Reason are not.

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