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Straightaway is a french skate punk / melodic hardcore band formed in 1999.


We started out in '99, released an EP "Emotions And Anger" and a full length "Democracy Of Spreading Poverty licensed in Europe, Japan, Australia, Eastern Europe. We toured 17 countries and shared the stage with NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Face To Face, Coheed & Cambria, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Satanic Surfers, Bigwig, The Lawrence Arms, Ten Foot Pole, Useless ID, Paint It Black, Undeclinable, Venerea, Belvedere and a lot more... We have a new album coming up in early 2013 entitled "Last Exit To Nowhere". Be ready !


  • Lotfi - Vocals & Guitar
  • Fab - Guitar & Back Vocals
  • Florian - Bass
  • Phil - Drums



  • 2005 — Emotions And Anger EP


  • 2007 — Democracy Of Spreading Poverty
  • 2013 — Last Exit To Nowhere



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