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Something To Start With is the first E.P. released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Passage 4. It was released in 1995 by Wounded Records as a CD.


  1. Endville [3:41]
  2. Thousand Years Of Secrets [4:17]
  3. Wrong [2:40]
  4. Team [1:58]
  5. Try To Change [3:15]

total running time: 15:50

All songs and lyrics were written by Passage 4's drummer Jocke Eriksson.

Recording and productionEdit

Recording took place at Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden in February 1995.


Producer Passage 4
Co-Producer Pelle Saether
Sound Engineers
  • Pelle Saether
  • Lasse
Mixing Pelle Saether
Additional Musicians
  • Lifeless Image (vocals for "Team")
  • Peter G. (vocals for "Team")
  • Angelika Holmberg (vocals for "Team")
Cover Photographer Angelika Holmberg
  • Passage 4
  • Abnwork

Music VideoEdit

For the song "Team" (track # 4) a music video was shot, which was a minor mainstream TV-hit in Sweden and allowed the band to tour all over Sweden. The music video can be watched here.

Musical StyleEdit

On this E.P. Passage 4 lost the Ska influences they had on their demo tape. The shift torward the melancholic and Emo influenced sound of their full-length debut World Circus is already hearable, it is just not as perfected as on their album.


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