Hero Of Our Time @ Pegasus Lounge

Hero of Our Time formed in Dunedin, Florida in 2006.


It wasn't too long after that when they recorded their debut EP "Civilian", the band was quickly picked up by Bells On Records whom released their EP. Soon after, they released a split with Skumdum, a Swedish trallpunk/skatepunk band on Bells On Records. The record was titled: "Skumdum Vs. Hero Of Our Time - 2 Sides Of The Story" and was released in late 2008 by Swedish label, Junkyard Entertainment and Japanese label, Bells On Records. In 2009 Hero of Our Time was a part of a four-way split entitled "Coalition", which was released by Bells On Records, which included some of the label's most popular bands: Actionmen, Forus, and Play Attenchon. Hero is now writing & demoing songs for a full length record.


  • Danny - Guitar & Vocals
  • Austin - Drums & Vocals
  • Nate - Bass & B. Vocals

Past MembersEdit

  • Tony - Lead guitar (2006-2008)



  • 2008 — Civilian


  • 2008 — 2 Sides Of The Story - Split with Skumdum
  • 2009 — Coalition



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