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Frozen Minds are a skate punk / melodic hardcore band from Madrid, Spain.


Frozen Minds born in the summer of 2005, and after several changes in the band was not until 2008 when it was finally solidified. This group has a strong influence of fast hardcore, skatepunk and metal bands (A Wilhelm Scream, Strun Out, Mute, High Five Drive, Sunsgrind, Waterweed, Forus, PMX, Sicktrick, NOFX, Pennywise ...). His style may be heading into the Fast Melodic Hardcore. The group has recorded a couple of demos, which are really hard to buy or download, and now is recording a CD.


  • Rodri - Vocals
  • Mike - Guitar
  • Maix - Guitar
  • Javi - Bass
  • Fita - Drums