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Self Titled EP [2011]

Crossfire Collision is a skatepunk band from Cape Town, South Africa.


Veteran punks, slackers and surfers, the four musicians that make up Crossfire Collision cut and broke their teeth jamming in local acts like The Doppler Effect, LPShow and A B Turbo.

They regrouped as Crossfire Collision early in 2011 and recorded five fast, sing-along tracks. They list Pennywise and Rise Against as influences.

Their debut release, the Crossfire Collision EP is available for free download on the band’s facebook page and has also been released to buy as a hard copy via Paypal or on BigCartel.


  • Matthew James - Vocals and Guitars
  • Devon Martindale - Guitars and Backing vocals
  • Craig McKune - Bass and Backing vocals
  • Jimmy McGregor - Drums



  • Panic Face (2013)


  • 2011 - Crossfire Collision (Independent)
  • 2016 - Have Hart



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