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Cricket is a melodic punk rock band from Canada.


Cricket was founded by Lead Vocalist and front man Graham Cennon in June of 2009. After recruiting drummer "Justin Burrows" and bass player "Dave Calvert" the band decided to start immediately writing original, catchy, punk rock songs. Sticking to their roots they recorded and released their debut EP "Take Cover "in June 2009. Quickly gaining common ground and fan support, Cricket then opened for Fat Wreck artists Mad Caddies in November of 2009. Since then, they have been asked to open for punk legends The Misfits. They have played multiple shows across Canada and will continue to play every show that is presented to them.


  • Graham Cennon
  • Justin Burrows
  • Dave Calvert



  • 2011 — 220 Beats Per Minute


  • 2009 — Take Cover



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