Counterfeit was Passage 4's second and last E.P. It was released in 1997 on the German record label Gift Of Life Records as a CD or 7" vinyl.


  1. Somehow [3:03]
  2. Rackian [3:34]
  3. Flag Man [3:02]
  4. Depression [2:38]

total running time: 12:15

All music & lyrics were written by the band's drummer Joakim Eriksson.

Recording and productionEdit

Counterfeit was recorded in 1996 at Studio Undergound in Västerås, Sweden. The E.P. was produced by Pelle Saether.

Musical styleEdit

Counterfeit has a very similiar style to World Circus, the opening song "Somehow" had already been recorded for their album and was used again for the E.P. [This needs to be extended]


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