Brööl Records was a Swedish skatepunk/trallpunk label from Norrköping that was active in the early to mid 90's.


  • BRÖÖL001: H.A.T. — Det Händer Aldrig Mig (1993)
  • BRÖÖL002: V/A — Tjöplusta (1993)
  • BRÖÖL003: V/A — Alternativet (199?)
  • BRÖÖL004: Venerea — Hullabaloo (1994)
  • BRÖÖL005: V/A — Epitone (1994)
  • BRÖÖL006: V/A — Tjöplusta Part 2 (1995)
  • BRÖÖL007: Stealth — A Teenage Revolt (1995)
  • BRÖÖL008: Venerea — Shake Your Booty (1995)
  • BRÖÖL009: Adhesive —Yoghurt (1995)
  • BRÖÖL010: Senseless — Nightingale (1995)
  • BRÖÖL011: V/A — Epitone Volume 2 (1995)
  • BRÖÖL012: Fudge Wax — Toffee (1996)
  • BRÖÖL013: Venerea — Swollen (1996)
  • BRÖÖL014:
  • BRÖÖL015: V/A — Epitone Volume 3 (1996)
  • BRÖÖL016: Fudge Wax — Turtle (1996)

Bad reputationEdit

Brööl Records was notorious for their laziness when doing represses. The first press of Adhesive's Yoghurt EP amounted 500 copies, which were soon sold out so that a repress was necessary. Brööl made another 500 copies but was unable to find the data for the original artwork, so they simply scanned the CD booklets from the first press and printed them out. These booklets have a much lower quality than the ones from the first press. With Venerea's Shake Your Booty they went even further by not even scanning the artwork and printing it professionally, but simply photocopying it, these copies also have a much lower quality of paper.

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