Ballpoint is an energetic punk rock band from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Formed in 1999


Ballpoint have been active around their native Tasmania for over a decade and have released multiple EPs along with their debut album, Get Loose. Through out their career, the band has had numerous vocalists.

Starting their debut career as a Rose Bay High School skater punk band Ballpoint were at their peak in 2001-2002 during the high school & college Hobart Rock Challenge era or 1999-2002. Heroic unknown kids from the secluded island of Tasmania; Ballpoint rose from the underground of a untaped & undeveloped music scene playing over 50 local shows and developed as a professional mainstage act at the young age of 19-20 years old.

According to the band, they try to steer clear of modern emo/screamo elements and mix modern skatepunk with classic rock elements. Ballpoint was formed at Rose Bay High School by Joe Mullavey, Grant Rockwood, Mischa Calcagno, Anton Heath. Lucas Walker joined the band later in the college era of the band winning the Hobart Rock Challenge state final in 2001.

Their EP, Well Oiled Machine, earned national airplay in Australia on multiple stations. Their next EP continued their regional success and national airplay, scoring the “Best Tasmanian Release” award in 2006.

Ballpoint's debut full-length Get Loose was voted onto the list of “top twenty punk albums of 2008” by the Australian public. It was released on Inyaface Records, a Japanese label.

Ballpoint have supported NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, and Strung Out each of which are iconic American skatepunk bands. They have supported Australia’s better-known skatepunk acts as well, including Frenzal Rhomb, Bodyjar, and many more acts such as Incubus, Grinspoon, Magic Dirt, Machine Gun Fellatio.

In early 2011 news of a new 3 song EP titled Snake Eyes was posted on Ballpoint’s Facebook and Myspace profiles. The EP was scheduled for a digital and limited physical release, but was canceled due to breakups.

The band released a statement in May, 2011 stating that their most recent bassist had left the band. However, they assured their fans that "as far as the future of Ballpoint is concerned it aint fucken over... and you can take that to the bank!". Unfortunately the band suddenly ceased internet activity and has remained silent since that posting. The title track from Snake Eyes can be streamed via the band’s Myspace profile.


  • Mischa Calcagno - Lead Vocals
  • Anton Heath Darcy - Lead Guitar / Vocals
  • Grant Rockwood - Bass
  • Joe Mullavey - Drums
  • Lucas Walker - Guitar / Vocals

Former MembersEdit

  • Craig Aorangi - Guitar / Vocals
  • Kenny Forshaw - Bass / vocals
  • Jordan Hooper - Guitar / Bass



  • 2008 – Get Loose (InYaFace)


  • 2004 – Well Oiled Machine (Independent)
  • 2005 – Blood, Sweat, And Beers (Disconnect)
  • 2011 – Snake Eyes (delayed/unreleased)



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