Atlas losing grip

Atlas Losing Grip is a skatepunk / punk rock band from Lund, Sweden.


The band was formed around 2005. Their debut album, Shut The World Out followed the release of a demo, both of which saw Stefan Bratt taking on lead vocal duties.

The band toured Europe in support of Shut The World Out, and the album was released in Japan.

Rodrigo Alfaro, of Satanic Surfers fame, was later recruited to take the mic. He was a friend of the band and had contributed back-up vocals on the debut album. In 2008, with the same lineup plus Alfaro, Atlas Losing Grip recorded and released an EP, Watching The Horizon. With this release the band took an edgier, melodic hardcore sound as opposed to the pure skatepunk of their debut album.

More European tours followed. When the band was ready to hit the studio again, they created their latest offering, State Of Unrest. The album was released in May, 2011, to widespread acclaim within the skatepunk community.


  • Rodrigo Alfaro - Vocals
  • Stefan Bratt - Bass
  • Gustav Burn - Guitars
  • Max Huddén - Guitars
  • Julian Guedj – Drums



  • 2008 – Shut The World Out
  • 2011 – State Of Unrest


  • 2009 – Watching The Horizon


  • 2006 – Demo
  • 2007 – Promo